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3rd-Jan-2013 10:12 pm(no subject)
HINABN zombie rainbow
Hey there, anyone still following me on here?

I've been away from livejournal for almost a year, and I'd delete my account if it weren't for all the good memories I had. I should come back someday.

Find me on sodoffyabuggers.tumblr.com if you want. 
13th-Jan-2012 12:36 am(no subject)
HINABN zombie rainbow
oh man I've never been banned from someone's journal before.

lol fricking awesome.

Do i get a special internet merit badge for this? XDD
happy pickles

I was supposed to help my friend supes_ organize a Metalocalypse/Venture Brothers Con but real life is probably going to keep me from being so involved. SO. We're looking for someone to be a right hand man (or woman), to be the Sam to her Frodo, the Ron to her Harry, the Dr. Girlfriend to her Monarch.

Figuratively speaking.

Or, you know, the other way around. XD

Basically everything's still in the brainstorming stage so yeah. Anyone with some cool ideas or drive to be at the head of something super cool uhm gimme a comment? 
21st-Apr-2011 01:20 am - FFFFFF dude.
HINABN zombie rainbow
Dude, I'm reccing a fic? What's going on?

SO. I'm so totally into Regular Show it's not even funny. I'm too sleepy to explain what it's about to the uninitiated and/or those living under a rock (or a place without cable?) ((or a castle ruled by an evil wizard who hates cartoons)) but long story short:

I SHIP MORDECAI/RIGBY. Sorry guys. I know it's a fucking blue jay and a fucking racoon. I know.

But anyway, I've been searching for fic, and most of it is... Well? eh. But I found one that is not only completely in character, but short enough to read in a couple minutes and free of lots of annoying errors.

Eye Contact
Read it! I was really impressed.

Also, I'm writing for this pairing. As soon as I can figure out how. I mean. They're animals. And a ghost.

And a gumball machine.
HINABN zombie rainbow
So I'm watching the new episode of Marble Hornets, (or rather, the latest three episodes, since I've missed a few) and rightly scaring the everliving piss out of myself doing so.

It's dark, silent, the only sound being my husband lightly breathing in the background, while just about the creepiest, mind-fuckin'est web "show"... thing I've ever seen fills my head with images of Slender Man and mysterious mysteries. Just then my cat pushes open the door with it's head, filling the room with this CREEEEEEEEEEEK IMMA DOORRRRRRRR sound and i just bout nearly shit my pants. ("Ya mights just shits your pants!")

*pant pant* fucking cats. Also, for whoever hasn't heard of Slenderman, or the awesomeness that is Marble Hornets, just check this out:

It's episode 14, but it's one of the best and the one that hooked me on the series. They're only like 2 or 3 minutes long each, for the most part, so if you have an hour or so you can blow right through them.

I wouldn't recommend that though. Your brain might eek out of your nose.
HINABN zombie rainbow
I work in a largely Jewish community (at a Shoppers as a cashier) so the upcoming holiday means that my hours have been upped to almost 40 a week instead of a pitiful 16-24! Which is great! Matzah and Kedem grape juice for everyone!

Only thing is I'm at a point where I've realized I can't spend that much time on my feet. I'm in charge of all the housework and baby care during the day, then I go to work for 7 to 8 hours, get home around 12:30AM-1AM, and try to cram in a little time for myself before I pass out and do it all over again.

I know, wah wah, responsibilities, someone give me a cookie and a blankie. But at the weight I'm at, standing for that long after already having a busy day has become... almost impossible. I'm having to take more and more "bathroom" breaks just to go sit in the stall and rest my feet for a few minutes, and even then the pain in my ankles and legs and back brings me to tears sometimes.

So either I find a job where I can sit down, or lose around 250 pounds in the next 24 hours. :\

Cuz I can't do this shit anymore.

*goes to ice ankles*
13th-Apr-2011 10:26 am - Writer's Block: Going down
HINABN zombie rainbow
You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

You know I know the "right" answer is to let your partner die in his sleep, and I want to say that's what I would do. BUT.

I would probably shake my husband awake screaming "OH FUCKING FUCK WE'RE CRASHING OH FUCK HOLY SHIT THERE'S THE SEAAAAA"

I don't think I would even think to say anything as noble and sad as "I love you" one last time. I'd be too busy shitting myself.
11th-Apr-2011 10:17 am - MY DAY TODAY SO FAR
HINABN zombie rainbow
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all of this.
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